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Random sampling from populations

Random sampling from a sampling frame



Download example data

Select a random sample from a sampling frame, for example of all farms or villages in a district or region. Sampling may be carried out with the following options:

  • Simple Random Sampling (SRS) or Probability Proportional to Size (PPS);
  • With or without replacement;
  • Stratified or unstratified; or
  • From the entire sampling frame or from a sub-group based on specified selection criteria.

For PPS sampling you must enter the column number containing unit sizes for PPS calculations. For stratified sampling, you must enter the column number on which to stratify. For sub-group sampling, you must enter the column number on which to select, as well as the comparison condition and value for sub-group selection. If a sub-group of data is to be selected it must be on a numeric field. If the data is not numeric it will need to be recoded so that it is.

Paste columns of data for the sampling frame in the space above and click on submit. Include a header row containing column headings for the data. Download and check out the example data if you are unsure what is required.

Please note: very large sampling frames may take several minutes to process, so please be patient.