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Statistical significance testing

1-sample t-test for summary data

Compare a sample mean with a specified value (default 0) using the 1-sample t-test, for summary values. P-values can be calculated for one- or two-tailed comparisons, or compare results to a specified significance level.

Inputs are:

  • mean value and standard deviation for the sample;
  • a comparison value (default value is 0);
  • sample size for the sample;
  • specified significance level;
  • number of digits to display in results; and
  • whether test is one-tailed or two-tailed.

Outputs include:

  • Difference of sample mean from specified value;
  • standard error of the mean;
  • Confidence limits (based on specified significance level) for the sample mean;
  • t and P values for the difference between sample mean and the specified value and the appropriate number of degrees of freedom; and
  • a plot of the confidence limits.