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Statistical significance testing

Chi-squared test for homogeneity of a sample

Paste two columns of data to be analysed in the space below. First column is grouping variable, second column is counts for each group. Include a header row describing the data.
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Undertake a chi-squared test for homogeneity on sample counts. The test calculates the expected counts assuming homogeneity (all classes have an equal probability) and undertakes a chi-squared test to test whether the observed values deviate significantly from the expected values.

Inputs are:

  • the desired level of confidence in the estimate;
  • the desired precision of the results; and
  • two columns of data. The first column is a list of group identifiers and the second column is sample counts for each group. A header row should be included in the data and will be used to label the output.

Outputs include:

  • a table of observed and expected counts, proportions and confidence limits;
  • chi-squared statistic, degrees of freedom and corresponding P-value; and
  • a plot of confidence limits for the proportions in each group.