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This site has been developed by AusVet Animal Health Services, with funding from the Australian Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre. The site is intended for use by CRC members and other epidemiologists and researchers involved in estimating disease prevalence or demonstrating freedom from disease through structured surveys, or in other epidemiological applications.

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Suggested citation: Sergeant, ESG, 2014. Epitools epidemiological calculators. AusVet Animal Health Services and Australian Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre for Emerging Infectious Disease. Available at: http://epitools.ausvet.com.au.

If you cite Epitools in your publications, please email the details or a copy of your paper to Evan Sergeant for inclusion in the reference list.

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This site was created by AusVet Animal Health Services with funding from the Australian Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre. It provides a range of epidemiological tools for the use of researchers and epidemiologists, particularly in animal health. Please send any comments, questions or suggestions to Evan Sergeant
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