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This site has been developed with funding from the Australian Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre for Emerging Infectious Disease. The site is intended for use primarily by participating CRC members and other researchers involved in estimating disease prevalence through structured surveys. The calculators provided here are particularly designed for estimating prevalence where samples are tested individually or in groups (pools) or where one or more tests are used with imperfect sensitivity and/or specificity.

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Estimating individual prevalence from pooled samples:

Users' comments

I have been using some of your utilities on the web-site. This site is an absolute gold-mine!!
Kristen Barfod, Department of Microbiological Food Safety, Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research.

Estimating sample sizes required for prevalence estimation from pooled testing:

Simulate sampling to assess the validity and precision of pooled testing strategies for estimating individual prevalence:

Detection of disease or demonstration of freedom using pooled testing:

Bayesian methods to estimate prevalence from individual (unpooled) samples using imperfect test(s):

Calculate parameters for prior probability distributions:

Additional information:

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